CrazyWare Arcade has been launched!

Hello, everyone! Here's a special announcement:

CrazyWare Arcade is up and running! The platform was launched three days ago. Take a look at this video, which showcases several games, and shows the features of the site:

CrazyWare Arcade is an online gaming platform that has many games available to play, across many different genres. You can socialize with other people, rate games, share your favorite games, buy items you want, and more! Also, if you're good enough, you could get listed on the Top Players leaderboard!

Play games such as Run 3, Garden Tales, AsteroidX, Star Trek™: Alien Domain, Super Mario Rush, and more! New games, products, and more are frequently added, so be sure to visit the site often and subscribe to the newsletter.

The interface/website design is modern, sleek, and beautiful. Most pages have an animated banner, and the site has a lazy loading feature (this means that more elements are loaded, as you scroll down the page).

CrazyWare Arcade has an online store, where people can buy anything they desire, such as consoles, games, graphics cards, iPhones, and more. There are over 90 products listed, and more will be available.*

The game area is big, allowing you to fully immerse yourself into the game. Most sites, like Y8 and Kongregate, have a much smaller display area for the game. Some games even allow you to play them in fullscreen mode!*

Submitting your games
You can submit your games to CrazyWare Arcade! Just go to the "Submit a Game" page and enter your details. If approved, your game will be accessible to many people around the world, and it may even be featured!

These are the official logos for CrazyWare Arcade:

The mobile version of the site is still under development. Some pages may not load correctly on most mobile devices.

And now, without further ado, here is the link to the site:

*Some products are linked to other websites. Clicking “Buy Now” will take you to those sites.
*It is recommended that you press F11 to view the site in fullscreen mode. The game area might otherwise be partially obstructed.


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