New Progress Update for Lemonade Rush + Other new info

Hey, sorry for the long wait! Information about the games is now available, and there is some new info about Lemonade Rush! It's been in development for 3 years, now, and it's about time to reveal the progress, so far!
Development on Hit & Run and KiddieTime hasn't yet begun, but the characters and features for those titles have already been created, and have been jotted down in the super-secret CrazyWare Idea Book. There are plans to release those and other titles, eventually. Also, KiddieTime's name will be changed, due to it already being taken.
As for Lemonade Rush, the glitches have been ironed out, and work on the game's storyline and characters has resumed. The completion percentage is around 86%. The game should be released later this year, or by early 2017.
Ideas for revamping Solar Conflict 2: The Next Generation have been written down in the Idea Book.


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