CrazyWare Arcade BETA Offlicially Launched!

CrazyWare Arcade BETA has officially been launched!

Now, I haven't been considering doing this, but I thought, "Well, at least people could TRY it out," so I've launched the BETA site for you all to see. Feel free to test the games to see if they're working, and just experiment! I'm still ironing out major issues, but do contact me if there are any bugs. I'll fix 'em!

The site will have an online store, called eCrazy. You can buy digital downloads of your favorite movies, video games, music, and other digital content. However, development on this store hasn't yet started--I'm focusing on putting the games on the site first.

Enough talk, go ahead and give this site a test drive!

(Important note: Since I'm constantly updating the site, you're going to find new stuff appear on it every time you refresh it. This is a LIVE site, by the way!)


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