Beta Team for Chicken Invaders 5 Now Open!

Interaction Studios has recently announced that they've launched the Beta Team for Chicken Invaders 5.

This is it. This is finally real! And, if you're interested, you can fill in an application to join their development team. Just go to the link below and sign up!

Here's proof that this is indeed real:
Yep, this indeed a beta preview of Chicken Invaders 5: Rise of the Dark Side. This was on the Chicken Invaders Facebook page.
I've been waiting so long for this moment, years after being ridiculed on YouTube for this, it's coming true! My speculations are becoming real! *Ahem*...OK, that was a little too much, but I'm still excited! So fill in and submit your applications to them so that you can participate and be part of the action!


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