The Sims 4: Cool New Features

EA had announced TS4 on their website and at E3, showing demonstrations of the cool new features in the upcoming sequel.

Personally, from my POV is that the restructured interface and design of Create-A-Sim is really...breathtaking. I mean, you can easily shape your person's face and body just by dragging and moving parts of it, which may mean you don't need sliders. But, I still haven't yet seen any height sliders--that would've made it more realistic. Oh well, that's Sims for you.
Anyhoo, the game also has a new drastic change in the way Sims can communicate with each other and how they display their emotions. Basically, in a nutshell, their moods can affect the way they work, play, and interact--a first time for a Sims game.

In the previous game, Sims could only be angry, sad, happy or fulfilled or unfulfilled, and being an expert on TS3, they don't really seem to be affected by their emotions. Let's see what other types of features could be in TS4! I hope that the game implements features from TS3's expansion packs, such as from Late Night, Seasons, Showtime, Pets, Ambitions, etc. That'll make it more epic!

So what are your thoughts about this? Should it use features from TS3's expansions? Should it look more realistic (in terms of graphics)? Post your thoughts here! 


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